Ft. Knox

I wrote a blog series on the lessons that can be learned from physical security and applied to network security. I presented a webinar on October 18, 2012 to summarize the series. For those interested, you can view the archive here: http://www.lancope.com/resource-center/recorded-webinars/the-network-security-school-of-fort-knox-1/

The blog series had six parts and are listed below:

  1. Perimeter Defenses: http://www.lancope.com/blog/fort-knox-part-one/
  2. Detection Methods: http://www.lancope.com/blog/fort-knox-part-two/
  3. Attack Payloads: http://www.lancope.com/blog/fort-knox-part-three/
  4. Data Visibility: http://www.lancope.com/blog/fort-knox-part-four/
  5. Types of Attackers: http://www.lancope.com/blog/fort-knox-part-five/
  6. Incident Response: http://www.lancope.com/blog/fort-knox-part-six/