A collection of my recipes and dietary protocols on my journey in learning to be healthy. I've been eating mostly a vegan, whole foods, plant-based diet since 2020.

Mai's Whole Grain Sticky Rice

Being born and raised in Japan and a methodical cook, Mai has mastered cooking the perfect bowl of rice (in my opinion.) When she was visiting Japan and I was at home, I asked her help in learning how to make it myself. The recipe includes both her original guidance and my American translation (dumbing down.) It is a staple in everyday meals in our home. The whole grain, brown, genmai rice has additional fiber and nutrients over most typical white rice.

Vegan Double-Chocolate, Double-Nut Cookies

This recipe is adapted from the peanut-butter cookies I made with my mother and brother as a child. I've converted the recipe to be a plant-based, vegan recipe and I replace refined sugar with sweeteners that are gentler on the body. The cookie is pretty high in protein and fiber for a cookie. They are not overly sweet and are an effective way of satiating my sweet tooth without regret. They are sticky and messy to make but worth the effort.
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