Lessons in InfoSec Graph Theory Charles Herring

One of the areas we research heavily at WitFoo is how to reduce the number of investigations our customers have to perform each day. Internally, we call this the “n” problem. Another area of focus is how to reduce the amount of time our customers spend on each investigation. We refer to this as the “t” problem. The lower we drive and t, the more work our customers can accomplish each day.

People > Machines (Part Five) Charles Herring

Better detection mechanisms through algorithms (code) & machine learning (pattern recognition) are valuable tools to the human responders. Playbook Automation can reduce the routine and certain tasks an analyst must perform so she can focus on what is important.

Evolution of Data Charles Herring

First, the nature of evolution discards noise. Much like the concept in biology, only fit, useful facts survive the evolution process. When exposed to more complex systems, noise goes the way of the dodo bird. A “possible SQL injection attack on MySQL” event becomes irrelevant when vulnerability reports show the targeted server isn’t running MySQL. As data becomes a more mature, evolved object the irrelevant events fall away.

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