AI.Dev and Cassandra Summit 2023

On December 12, 2023 in San Jose at the Linux Foundations, & Cassandra Summit, I delivered this presentation. The deck and recording is included below.


Detecting, catching and successfully prosecuting cybercrime requires collaboration across private sector, law enforcement, insurance companies and national security agencies. Even small organizations produce gigabytes to terabytes of evidence across their internal and cloud instances. Much of this signal evidence contains information protected by law. 

Law enforcement needs to collect evidence from victim organizations without spending hundreds of labor hours. Organizations need a manner to package and share evidence with law enforcement without creating undo risk. Insurers need effective ways of underwriting policies and adjusting claims associated with cybercrime.

In this session, Charles Herring, co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of WitFoo, will detail how terabytes of data collected across hundreds of independent Cassandra clusters each day or safely leveraged to meet the goals of reducing cybercrime and its associated costs.

Charles will cover, build Cassandra schemas to enable cross-organizational sharing, using REST API for facilitating transport across clusters, leaning into Cassandra TTL for data garbage collection and best practices to ensure resilience and performance in diverse environments.