We live in a time where technology is relentlessly fighting for our attention. Texts, chats, social media posts, phone calls, email flow into our lives at a constant trickle. I got so sick of it that I decided to wrestle control away from my tools and reclaim my position as Captain of my tasks, attention and time.

I've adopted a "time-boxing" approach to work. It consists of a 45-minute, timed "micro-sprint" to start, continue or complete tasks and some shorter planning windows and a couple of recovery/breather periods. This approach has maximized my efficiency, improved my mental health and reduced my daily anxiety. I'm getting more done and liking the process more. I've summarized what I do in the slides below. I hope it's helpful and would love to hear what you do to filter out noise and create spaces of calm and focus.

Efficiency and Health HackPart 1: tImerPart 2: Todo ListPart 3: NotebookRecovery MenuScary SetupSprint Cycle ProcessCheck-inAssignmentBreatherMicro-sprintFinal Notes