You Say Solution, I Say Problem

Vendors and Analysts want to have conversations around products. Organizations want to talk about their business problems. Vendors rename their products "solutions" and Organizations start evaluating the products and forget about their business problems. Here is an open letter to both sides.

Time to Hire a Security Team

An average organization will lose more than $10M to cyber crime this year in detectable losses and much more in un-quantifiable damages as trade secrets, customer data and financial records are stolen without detection. It's time to re-evaluate the need for advanced security teams in organizations that want to stay afloat in an age of rampant, sophisticated corporate espionage from attackers ranging from organized crime to nation-states. 

Network Security School of Fort Knox: Part 5 Charles Herring Wed, 09/05/2012 - 12:16

InfoSec attackers are not created equal. They range from punk kids to nation states. It's important to know who is coming after your protected assets.

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