Mai's Whole Grain Sticky Rice

Being born and raised in Japan and a methodical cook, Mai has mastered cooking the perfect bowl of rice (in my opinion.) When she was visiting Japan and I was at home, I asked her help in learning how to make it myself. The recipe includes both her original guidance and my American translation (dumbing down.) It is a staple in everyday meals in our home. The whole grain, brown, genmai rice has additional fiber and nutrients over most typical white rice.

Vegan Double-Chocolate, Double-Nut Cookies

This recipe is adapted from the peanut-butter cookies I made with my mother and brother as a child. I've converted the recipe to be a plant-based, vegan recipe and I replace refined sugar with sweeteners that are gentler on the body. The cookie is pretty high in protein and fiber for a cookie. They are not overly sweet and are an effective way of satiating my sweet tooth without regret. They are sticky and messy to make but worth the effort.

Machine Learning Driven Social Engineering

Given at the 10th Annual Chicago Hacking Conference on 11/6/23. Machine learning (ML) is arguably the most potent advancement in technology since atomic fission with similar benefit and risk extremes. The outcome driven nature of machine learning allows computers to rapidly test theories to find pathways to support specific goals. These approaches applied to social engineering can be used to manipulate human factors for purposes including cybersecurity breach. This session will cover the philosophies, strategies and tactics used to accomplish a successful campaign to recruit human assets to a cause. Factors to mitigate risk in these advanced social engineering attacks will also be examined.

GrrCON 2023 - Deterring Cybercrime via a Global CyberGrid


Detecting, catching and successfully prosecuting cybercrime requires collaboration across private sector, law enforcement, insurance companies and national security agencies. In this session, approaches to collect, analyze, store and share digital evidence will be examined. Methods of safely transmitting data between private sector and law enforcement will be discussed. Demonstration of workflows between investigators, law enforcement, prosecutors and insurance adjusters will be covered. 

I also reference this 2021 DarkReading Article: Handcuffs over AI.

2024 Conference Talks for Charles Herring

Charles’ Biography

Charles Herring is co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer at WitFoo. WitFoo was founded to enable the sharing of information and operations across the craft of Cybersecurity. Charles leads research and development of the WitFoo Precinct platform that utilizes Apache Cassandra as a fundamental component in its architecture. Precinct ingests trillions of messages each day across hundreds of clusters to detect cybercrime and provide secure methods of sharing data and operations across corporations, organizations, law enforcement, national security and insurers.

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